Inosuke master of the Wind in the magnificent statue of NB and PT Studios

Inosuke Hashibira is a fun, ironic, and at times whimsical addition to Tanjiro Kamado’s dramatic adventure in the series. Demon Slayer. The boy who hides behind a boar mask has repeatedly shown himself to be a skilled swordsman, as in the spectacular clash with the Spider Demon, considered a Mother by Rui.

One of the many peculiarities of Inosuke is the use of two Nichirin katanas, gray-blue, and characterized by a serrated design, which punctually the demon slayer tries to make more and more lethal. Thanks to his self-taught training, based on the observation and reproduction of animal behaviors, Inosuke was able to develop the technique of Breathing of the Beast, resulting from the Breathing of the Wind.

All of these unique elements of the character, and the significant confrontation with the Demon Spider Mother, were highlighted in the magnificent statue born from the collaboration between PT Studios and NB Studios. Arriving between the end of 2021 and the first months of 2022, the figure in question is presented in two different versions, the first in 1: 6 scale, about 37 centimeters high and pre-orderable at a price of 335 euros, the second in scale 1: 4, for a height of 56 centimeters and a price of 515 euro.

Both are presented on a splendid base where there is a plate with the name of the character, and the real face of Inosuke, interchangeable with his iconic mask. Recall that Zenitsu was honored with a faithful female cosplay, and we leave you to the last ones Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles game news

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