International Content Market SPP2021, $85 million Export Consultation Results

The Seoul Industry Promotion Agency announced on the 24th that 700 companies from 45 countries participated in the ‘International Contents Market SPP2021’ held from the 12th to the 30th of last month, and over 3,500 meetings and export consultations worth about $85 million were held.

SPP, which celebrated its 21st anniversary this year, is the largest content business market in Korea where animation, webtoon, character, game content distribution, co-production, licensing, and investment attraction are held.

This event was held with the newly reorganized biz matching platform ‘SPP Connect’. SPP Connect is a platform that connects companies with content intellectual property rights (IP) with domestic and foreign investment companies, distributors and media companies that have various business needs such as purchase, distribution, and commercialization of content IP rights.

It is equipped with content upload and viewing functions, biz matching application, message sending and receiving, and its own video consultation solution, enabling pre-information search and video consultation. It responded to the digital transformation of overseas marketing with a function that recommends companies or projects with a high matching success rate through the user data-based artificial intelligence (AI) recommendation function.

In ‘K-Pitches for Hollywood’, a 1:1 pitching program for North American OTT and agencies, large global media companies such as Netflix, Disney Junior, Crunchyroll, and UTA participated as judges. A total of 24 domestic animation and webtoon projects were selected.

Animation production company Campfire Anyworks signed a $5.2 million investment and co-production contract with Tencent Video, Live Fun, and EBS to produce animations based on their IP ‘Rainbow Bubble Jam’.

Anizak signed a distribution contract for ‘Time Traveler Luke’ with Canal Plus, France’s representative channel, for the first time in a domestic completed kids animation. The work will be aired not only in France, but also in parts of Europe and throughout French-speaking Africa.

In addition to this, SPP2021 is a ‘Global Ignite’ that can promote corporate contents and services, and a ”Global Ignite” consisting of a session to promote the latest animation projects and a place to share market status by country to revitalize business between countries in the Asian animation market. Asia Animation Alliance’ and ‘SPP Premier’, a collection of domestic animation projects presented for the first time in the business market, has been conducted in various B2B programs.

Park Bo-kyung, head of SBA Seoul Animation Center, said, “I hope that SPP 2021 will be a positive way for the domestic content industry in a difficult situation where opportunities to advance overseas are blocked due to the prolonged Corona 19.” “Through SPP Connect, a content biz matching platform, We will support marketing,” he said.

Correspondent Kim Si-so [email protected]


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