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Every August 27, fans of popular culture come together to celebrate the great festival of the International Cosplay Day. A concept that has spread worldwide and is gaining more and more followers. Includes fans of movies, anime, manga, comics, video games and more.

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Cosplay Day was born thanks to the fact that Jennifer Alice, an American cosplayer, and the DC Anime Club – a non-profit youth association, located in Washington DC – promoted that this celebration be convened every August 27 in the capital. from the United States.

This date is characterized by the fact that ‘cosplayers’ from all over the world gather to share in different cities such as Washington and Tokyo, where cosplay was born in the 70s. However, this year – like 2020 – due to the coronavirus pandemic, the activities carried out by those attending the celebration will be postponed or will be virtual.

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“I created ICD (International Cosplay Day) as a way for cosplayers around the world to celebrate their love of cosplay together, even if they don’t live in a convention area. ICD has been running since 2010, and every year we see more and more cosplayers participating. It is a kind of international holiday “, points out Jennifer Alice on her Facebook.

“I’ve been cosplaying for over five years, and I love it even more than when I started. I cosplay mainly from anime, movies and comics. My goal is to have International Cosplay Day events on all continents. I think it would be really amazing. “, adds the famous ‘cosplayer’.

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What is cosplay?

The word ‘cosplay is derived from the union of two Anglo-Saxon words: costume (costume) and play (which in this case is interpreted as acting).

The ‘cosplay’ consists of dress up as an animated character determined and interpret it in real life, imitating their gestures, expressions, way of speaking and acting. In most cases, they are usually characters chosen from Japanese animation, comics, video games, and movies.

The costumes are usually made by the ‘cosplayers’ themselves. For its preparation it can take several months or even years to be able to obtain a costume exactly the same as the chosen character and that is adapted to your body.

One of the reasons that makes the cosplay It is due to the variety of expressions it can encompass, as well as allowing people to reach a unique level of freedom when they transform into any character with no major limit.

What is International Cosplay Day?

It was in the 70s when the first days of Cosplay began to take place in Tokyo (Japan). Here people were disguised as their favorite characters from comics, video games, series, movies, manga or anime. Currently, this hobby has spread throughout the world.

Presentations and contests were held at these conventions. The winners went on to become true idols within the followers of this trend.


The program ‘La Voz Perú’ stands out for all the talent it shows in each gala, but if there is something that is attracting attention in the current season, it is the presentations of those participants who interpret songs from the most famous anime in the world. Check out the best performances here.



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