INTRA COS (2017) UHD Video, 13:21 min. color, sound, edition 5 / + 1 INTRA COS focuses on the images and narratives of the global universe of cosplay culture and its local practice in Sao Paulo. In cosplay culture people are transformed into characters from popular anime films and computer games, thereby pointing towards contemporary forms of identification and subjectification, at the foundation of global media culture. The age old tradition of animism is characterized by unstable boundaries between humans, animals, cars and fantastic animals connected with the symbols of late capitalist consumer culture and the specific experimental craft of costume production. The film was shot in collaboration with six of the best cosplayers in Brazil, all of whom are well known for the elaborate production of their unique costumes and is set in the historic setting of the Villa Itororo. Credit: Concept / Direction / Editing: Axel Stockburger Assistant Director / Production Manager: Thaísa Valadão Cast: Allan Yuji-Ishihara Light / Camera Other: Luís Knihs Sound: Kai Maier-Rothe Cosplayers: Cleiton Bispo de Sousa as Sisyphus of Sagittarius Carolina Miranda Muniz as Saber Cynthia Sayuri Tanaka as Tsurumaru Kuninaga Gustavo Mastorillo as Jack Frost Jorge Lee Ayala as Michelangelo / Solid Snake Débora dos Santos Alves aka Sakura Prongs as Chandra Nalaar Thanks to: Tobi Maier, Francesca Tedeschi, Brishty Alam, Yusuf Etiman Finanse pa: Bundeskanzleramt Öster , Kunst Goethe Institute Sao Paulo, Vila Itororo – Goethe Na Vila

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