Introducing the special NoxPlayer “Ninokuro MV version” that allows you to enjoy the anime-like world view of “Nino Kuni: Cross Worlds” on your PC! | Nox.Limited Press Release

In order to express the picture and world view reminiscent of the animation of the first “Nino Kuni”, when the Ninokuro MV version is started, the video of “Nino Kuni: Cross Worlds” and the music of the “Nino Kuni” series by Joe Hisaishi will be displayed. It has a flowing specification.

In addition, the performance such as compatibility and stability is higher in the Ninokuro MV version equipped with the 64-bit version by optimizing “Nino Kuni: Cross Worlds”.

  • Ninokuro MV version specifications

The design of the Ninokuro MV version icon and installation screen has the same specifications as “Nino Kuni Cross World”.

▼ Installation screen 1

Installation screen 1Installation screen 1

▼ Installation screen 2

Installation screen 2Installation screen 2

Ninokuro is the latest work in the “Nino Kuni” series by Level-5, and uses the music from the “Nino Kuni” series by Joe Hisaishi. NoxPlayer has developed a video skin function to integrate with another world “Nino Kuni”, and released the Ninokuro MV version whose home screen is the MV video of “Nino Kuni Cross World”.

▼ Home screen

Ninokuro MV version home screenNinokuro MV version home screen

In addition, you can customize the standby screen by uploading your own videos and images from the skin button on the upper right.

  • Installation of the smartphone app “Nino Kuni Cross World”

When you start the MV version of “Nino Kuni: Cross Worlds”, the application icon is added to the home screen.
Click the icon to start the download and installation from the Google Play installation screen.

▼ Installed image that started up

Launched installation screenLaunched installation screen

  • More comfortable play and operation

“Nino Kuni: Cross Worlds” has a lot of information, and it is more comfortable to play on the big screen of the PC than on the smartphone.

Also, in order to make the operation more comfortable, when you start the “Nino Kuni Cross World” app on the Ninokuro MV version, the recommended virtual key mapping will be launched.

▼ Virtual key mapping

Virtual key mappingVirtual key mapping

A virtual key is a key assigned to a game map in order to operate a smartphone application with a keyboard or a game pad like a PC game.

You can enjoy the game with the recommended virtual key settings, but it is also recommended to customize the video on the home screen to enjoy the game even more.

  • Download Ninokuro MV version

You can watch the “Nino Kuni: Cross Worlds” MV video in full screen from the NoxPlayer official website. “Nino Kuni: Cross Worlds” MV version You can download the Ninokuro MV version from Bodin.

NoxPlayer Official Website:

NoxPlayer official website imageNoxPlayer official website image


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