Iori Io shows off her stunning physical beauty in black lingerie “It looks like a work of art” – Sirabee

Iori Iori posted a stunning physical beauty on Twitter in black lingerie. She has a series of fans who are fascinated by her sharp body.

Iori Iori, who has gained popularity as a gravure idol and cosplayer, has been receiving a lot of attention by uploading her stunning physical beauty on her Twitter account.

[Photo]Iori Io’s gravure shot (8 photos in total)

■ Cracked abdominal muscles and sharp body

On the morning of the 10th, the photo that Iori uploaded to Twitter is a sexy shot of her whole body wearing black lingerie.

Sitting on the ground and putting his hands behind his back, he generously shows off his well-trained physical beauty. She has a J-cup bust, a tight neck, and her slightly cracked abs are just like a “two-dimensional body with a 55 cm waist and a J-cup”.

The gesture of brushing the hair and the expression of turning to the side are also very sexy. It became a piece full of Iori’s charm.

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■ “Extreme Abs” “Proof of Effort”

Iori’s slender and beautiful body has attracted a lot of fans who say “abdominal muscle is strong”, “beautiful” and “like a work of art”.

There were also comments praising her daily efforts, such as “proof of effort” and “I guess she’s working hard behind the scenes.”

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