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On January 29th, Onmyoji opened the Snow Rong Warm Return to Spring Dawn Summoning event. Players in this event can get rich rewards through lottery, including out-of-print illustration coupons, black eggs, avatar frames and other rewards, but the number of requirements is still relatively high, and the year is closed Nearly, a big wave of New Year’s activities are coming soon, is it worth the Spring Dawn Summoning event if the stock is insufficient? Let’s listen to the analysis.

Onmyoji Xuerongnuan returns to the Spring Dawn calling event:

*Activity time: January 29, 10:00-January 31, 23:59

*This event is open to all Onmyoji masters with a level of 15 or higher.

* When adults use mysterious spells, gouyu, and world spells to summon, the SP/SSR shikigami appearance probability is increased to 2.5 times the original! Every Onmyoji master can enjoy the chance to increase the SP/SSR shikigami probability twice.

*When adults summoned 20 times, 40 times and 60 times during the event, they can get the stage rewards of out-of-print illustration coupons, Yuxing Dharma and out-of-print illustration coupons respectively. Adults can use out-of-print illustration coupons to redeem their favorite out-of-print return illustrations during the event.

*When adults use mysterious spells, gouyu, and world spells to summon, there is a 3% probability that they will drop the avatar frame “Happy New Year”. If the avatar frame “Happy New Year” is not obtained in the previous 59 summons, the 60th time Summoning must get the avatar frame “Happy New Year”.

*If an adult repeatedly obtains the avatar frame “Happy New Year”, it will automatically be converted into 150 gouyu; if the adult has not redeemed the out-of-print illustration at the end of the event, the system will automatically convert the out-of-print illustration coupon into 150 gouyu.


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