Is there an anime or cartoon series from Sonic?

Of course, jetx even went synchronously that year. So it should be up on sharing sites.

yesterday 11:17 p.m

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(For example, I’m also happy that quite a few phrases from the dubbing of the old fairy tale have been used in the current films, so it creates a familiar nostalgic effect)

yesterday 11:18 p.m

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There are plenty. Adventures of Sonic and Sonic the Hedgehog, both from 1993, the Sonic anime OVA from 1996, Sonic Underground from 1999, Sonic X from 2003, and Sonic Boom from 2014. Only a couple of them were published in Hungarian.

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The animated series Sonic Prime is also coming to netflix with 24 episodes, a date of 2022 was written for it, but it hasn’t come out yet, I think it will be in the fall, there is already a trailer for it, you can watch it if you are interested

ma 08:47

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