is this Christian Gray or Dexter Morgan?

The athlete’s neighbor left his room open, and what the girl saw inside surprised the platform users. And the American is definitely not living with the hero of “50 shades of gray”, commentators ask. And the discovered inventory reminiscent of BDSM practices seems to have slightly alarmed someone.

Monica Axamit from the USA is engaged in fencing. Also, the athlete who took bronze at the 2016 Olympics is interested in modeling and publishes video in tiktok. On the platform, more than 117 thousand people signed up for the girl, and on January 17, the American showed what was stored in her neighbor’s room (apparently, Monica lives in New York).

So my flatmate left the door to his room open … And I will show you what I saw. I promise it’s worth it.

In the footage, Axamit demonstrates the straps hanging in the room (there are 15 of them) and a lot of ropes. “God, will they kill me?” – the girl concludes. In total, her video received more than three million views.

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Most commentators, seeing the abundance of such equipment, came to the conclusion: the girl’s neighbor is fond of BDSM practices.

The belts and ropes made Tiktokers associate with the hero of the books and films “50 Shades of Gray”.

And with the main character of “Dexter”.

And some commentators assured: if they were Monica, they would not have filmed a video for tiktok at all.

However, other TikTok users suggested that the athlete’s neighbor had a less specific hobby – for example, rock climbing. However, Axamit objected. According to the girl, people who are versed in this hobby explained to her: such equipment does not look like equipment for climbing mountains. Monica herself believes that the guy is still fond of unconventional sexual practices.

But not all people reacted positively to the video – they had a complaint against the girl because of the invasion of foreign territory. Aksamit, in response to criticism, explained: the commentators in vain think that she did not talk to a neighbor before going into his room.

The musician from the USA also accidentally revealed her unconventional hobbies, finding herself in a much more awkward situation. Mom saw an intimate object in her room – she had to make excuses (unsuccessfully).

An embarrassment and unpleasant conversation awaited the anime man, whom his mother suspected of love for BDSM. But the guy just tried to make a cosplay of his favorite hero.


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