“It looks like a different person” Mariko Shinoda, a series of surprised voices saying “What happened to you !?” in a special makeup cosplay – Japan NEWS

Talent Mariko Shinoda updated her Instagram on August 11th. She showed off her cosplay when she appeared on the variety show “Guru Guru Ninety-Nine” (Nippon TV).

“I hope you understand this.”

Mr. Shinoda spelled “Guru Nai Cosplay” and “It didn’t come out” and released 6 photos. This is a cosplay photo of Barnabas Collins from the movie “Dark Shadows”. The special make-up is so perfect that you can’t even feel the shadow of Mr. Shinoda. She went on to reveal that she was serious about cosplay, saying, “It took me three hours to really do special make-up, which is amazing, and it took me three hours to paint the inside of her nostrils black.” I was.

In the comments, there were many praises, such as “Eh! I missed it, but the cosplay is also very cute”, “Mariko, who usually does this kind of thing, it’s amazing lol”, “I saw it~! It’s cool”, and ” “I don’t know,” “Well, what happened to Mariko-sama!?”

Shinoda appeared in the 2-hour special “Guru Guru Ninety-Nine” broadcast on the 11th. She showed off her cosplay in the corner of the program “Daredare? Cosplay Show”. The program is also available for missed delivery on TVer and Hulu. If you missed it, why not check it out?

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