Itachi comes to life in this fascinating cosplay

Naruto is certainly one of the anime that our generation is most fond of. Between those who started reading manga or watching anime with Naruto and those who followed him from the beginning to the end of his story, we all know and look with affection even today at the adventures of the young Leaf Ninja who dreamed of becoming Hokage.

Masashi Kishimoto’s manga has given us many emotions, breathtaking clashes and above all many epic, extremely significant characters. Some of them are even considered by fans to be some of the best characters in a shonen manga: one of the most popular characters is certainly Itachi. We will avoid making spoilers about his history and his past, but without saying too much he is certainly one of the most successful characters of the entire work. Itachi always manages to surprise the reader and even when he is not on the scene his influence is visible through the actions of the other characters, first of all of course his brother Sasuke.

Today it will not be directly Itachi to surprise us but his own cosplay masterfully made by cosplayer migo.mir, which on Instagram can boast of over 220k followers. The cosplay depicts the first appearance of the ninja, just before the clash with Kakashi, Asuma and Kurenai. Itachi wears his face covered by a kasa, the traditional Japanese hat, exactly like in those chapters of the manga. On the face we can naturally notice the brow cover, the characteristic wrinkles that mark his face and of course the inevitable Sharingan, perpetually active in the eyes of one of the strongest Uchiha the Naruto universe has ever seen.

The cosplay, as you can see, is very well done and there is not a single detail out of place: everything is perfect and Itachi almost seems to come to life.

We remind you that although Naruto has finished for several years you can still read about his exploits through the manga that tells the adventures of his son Boruto. Of course the protagonists of it are the young ninja of the new generations of the Leaf Village, children of the now grown one that we loved during our childhood, but there are also epic moments dedicated to adult characters and even to the characters of even previous generations, such as Kakashi or Gai. Here you can find all our comments on the last chapters of Boruto, along with many other curiosities.

And you Commodorians, what do you think of this wonderful cosplay? Let us know with a comment!


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