Italia’s Got Talent episode 24 February: in the name of singing!

Tomorrow on TV8 the fifth episode of Italia’s Got Talent, dedicated to singing: who will earn the Golden Buzzer?

We are on the fifth round of auditions with Italia’s Got Talent, the great talent show designed for the whole family. The appointment, in absolute premiere, is on TV8, tomorrow Wednesday 24 February, again at 21.30. It will be an episode full of twists, in which singing will dominate in all its conjugations. From opera to pop up to songs written in a very particular language … the elf! Also in this episode Joe Bastianich will delight us with his guitar: this time, however, unlike the last episode, he tries his hand at Bluegrass, a genre of music that draws on the tradition of country.

On the jury, together with Joe Bastianich, the loyal Mara Maionchi, Frank Matano and Federica Pellegrini. Conducted by Lodovica Comello. Waiting for the fifth episode of auditions, several competitors have already secured a place in the final, thanks to the precious Golden Buzzer by Mara Maionchi, Frank Matano and Federica Pellegrini. We remember the Black Widow, a group of young dancers protagonists of an unforgettable choreography, the superhero Justin, who in his cosplay performance, first wore the role of Clark Kent and then Superman. Finally, little Giorgia Greco, protagonist of a rhythmic gymnastics number that has challenged every difficulty, even the amputation of her leg.

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We don’t want to reveal too much, but among the incredible competitors we will see tomorrow there will be a child capable of recognizing the flags of all 197 countries of the world, also naming the capital and precise location on the geographical map. Will the judges be impressed? We will also find the evolutions with a receiver of two men and a woman, the choreography of 30 young students who dance hip pop and break dance, and the amazing imitations of an Umbrian boy, who plays “Sei nell’anima” by Nannini and “You will come” from Mango.

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Italia’s Got Talent episode 24 February: the fifth appointment dedicated to music

We are still in the midst of this edition full of surprises, but the search for new talents does not stop. In fact, registrations for the Casting of Italia’s Got Talent 2022 have already been reopened. What are you waiting for to prove your talent? Next week, due to the Festival, Italia’s Got Talent proposes the “Best of”, the best of the first five episodes. On Wednesday 10 March, however, the sixth episode of auditions will be back.

Italia's Got Talent episode 24 February
Photo: Press Office

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