“It’s a timed maneuver”

Four months and then who knows. Charles Bonomi he scrolls through the list of measures approved on Monday evening by the Meloni government and immediately finds his square of thought: “It is a temporary budget law”, the president of Confindustria sums up confidently in an interview with “Stampa”. Then he explains: “Rightly, they concentrated two thirds of the interventions on expensive energy, but only up to 31 March. We need to understand what happens next. Today the budget law is prudent on balances, we appreciate it. But what awaits us on April 1st?”. The number one industrialist sees little or nothing done on the tax wedge, contests the tax cut strategy, calls for a real industrial policy, fears an autumn/winter of tensions and denounces the manifest lack of prospects. These are the hardest times, he admits. And, if that weren’t enough, “three unknown factors hang over the manoeuvre. The first is time, its duration, things that no one seems to think about. Then there is politics: it is evident that decisions have been taken to satisfy the different souls of the majority, and this comes before the real urgencies of the country. The third is that lack of vision. On the fight against poverty, as well as on employability and productivity”.

“If the objective – observes Bonomi – especially in a phase of economic slowdown, were to work on the country’s potential GDP and growth, the measures should point in this direction. If, on the other hand, the approach is to keep the various souls of the majority together, making micro-decisions in the meantime and moving everything forward by three months, it is very different. We entrepreneurs care about the first choice, not the second”. Save the calming-energy chapter: “Yes, it’s important, as we asked. Of course we would have liked a German intervention more than the tax credit on energy costs, but that’s fine. But they are funds that end in March. If in April they aim for new measures all in deficit, it would be better to say it immediately ”. Another satisfying one: “It’s a good thing that the bar has been kept straight on public finance”.

As for the end of the Citizenship Income: “It is an announcement. They say they want to intervene, but they don’t highlight which policies can ensure access to work and social protection. Will money be given to public employment centers that have failed? Will we have a public-private system? Time was taken without saying how to intervene to raise employability”. On the tax wedge instead “a decisive intervention is not made. The additional mini-cut is worth an extra 46 euros gross per month to employees with lower incomes. Little more than nothing. An energetic cut was needed. Politics has not taken responsibility for doing it and covering it, but offers new flat rates for VAT matches. The money is there. Public spending exceeds one trillion, reallocating a few billion necessary for a significant contribution cut is not impossible. If you had wanted to record, you would have found the means”, concluded Bonomi.

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