Japan trip and activities in Manosque

LEISURE / During the February holidays, the MJC de Manosque makes its Japan expo

Head to Japan during the February holidays. If travel is not the order of the day, the MJC does everything to get young people to leave Manosque… otherwise. From February 22 to March 5, many events will be organized around Japanese culture. Calligraphy, cosplay, manga drawing, origami… something to seduce all young people.

In addition, the municipality of Manosque is continuing its “vacations for all”, with the setting up once again of sports and fun activities for young people of the city aged 11 to 14 years. Registrations are compulsory and open from Monday March 8. The Sport Pass also provides for a multi-activity course for young people aged 4 to 12 at Parc de la Rochette. The sports workshop will take place from 1is until March 3 and on registration with a limited number of places.

Mr. Mathieu


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