Japanese government wants to enforce copyright on cosplayers

— Soundaholic studio / Shutterstock.com

An integral part of Japanese culture, cosplay has become a form of expression of their personality for many of the locals. If disguising as imitating a given character has so far been allowed without limits, the Japanese government may soon change that.

At the moment, everyone in Japan can dress up freely by imitating their favorite character. This may no longer be the case. The Japanese government is currently considering changing the country’s copyright laws for individuals who use cosplay to earn money. It is even possible that this new law will be extended to cosplayers who disguise themselves on a purely personal basis. This big change is currently being considered, as dressing up and using one’s status as a professional cosplayer is extremely lucrative for some individuals.

For example, Japan’s most lucrative professional cosplayer earns around $ 75,000 per month from paid public appearances, merchandising sales, advertising contracts, chat sessions, and social media pay. For now, it is not yet clear how this law could be implemented if the Japanese government decides to bring it into force. So far, the country’s copyright laws specifically regarding the appropriation of a character are not very clear, and anyone is free to dress up by imitating a character as they see fit.

For now, nothing is decided yet and the Japanese authorities are reportedly looking for the best way not to harm either the original creators of the characters or the Japanese cosplay culture, reported. Crunchyroll.

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