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Everything about Japanese music can come from j-pop to j-hiphop.

I will start with a brief introduction which will be especially useful for novice Japanese music students.

Who and what is this topic good for?
Anyone interested in Japanese music can feel free to write reviews, testimonials and other things on the subject. We love good and fresh music so if you find something good for you don’t keep it to yourself!

Where can I Find Japanese Music?
There are three solutions I will now list the best of.
Free: Spotify, YouTube / YT Music
Paid: Apple Music
The listed features have very good playlists so you can easily find the latest news. If it matters, perhaps most Japanese music is available on Apple Music.

How can it be good and why do they love it so much when many don’t even understand the language !?
Due to the high standard, it is one of the largest markets in the field of Japanese music and is becoming more and more widespread worldwide, including at home. Anime viewers preferred.
The language is easily remedied. If you know English then there is a lot of music with English subtitles so all you have to do is write eng lyrics behind the music title. If you don’t, you can translate it directly from Japanese lyrics into English or Hungarian with DeepL, it translates very well.


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