Javier Milei got better numbers in the poorest neighborhoods: who is the woman who devised the campaign for him, don’t sell yourself for a choripán

Monday, September 13, 2021 17:29

Lemoine is 41 years old and her pseudonym in the cosplay world is Lady Lemon (Photo: @ladylemoncosplay).

Javier Milei became one of the surprises of PASO 2021. The now candidate of La Libertad Avanza widely exceeded the 1.5% threshold necessary to reach the general elections on November 14. Depending on its environment, the 13.66% achieved could increase within two months.

The economist is part of an unexpected phenomenon that achieved even its best records in the most humble and popular neighborhoods of the City of Buenos Aires. Part of her electoral success is explained by analyzing her campaign, the one aimed at recruiting this type of vote, with a previous work, led and carried out by her advisor Lilia Lemoine, a woman who defines herself as an “influencer, it girl, activist libertarian and cosplayer ”.

Lemoine studied Systems Engineering and worked in the technology areas of several companies. Without the title in hand, she gained popularity when she was summoned by José Luis Espert to boost her electoral campaign in 2019. On that list of the Despertar Front, she was a pre-candidate for national deputy for CABA, in which she ranked fourth. It was his first foray into the political world, which he arrived at through a cosplayer friend he had in common with Espert.

During these years, the 41-year-old woman raised her profile by starring in a video in which she was distinguished on a C5N television mobile. It happened on August 17, 2020, in one of the marches against the government of Alberto Fernández. There a video was awarded that went viral on social networks: “I complied. The C5N mobiles were protected by the Police, from one side only. I was the one with the big eggs, come find me ”.

The reference of the cosplay world – her pseudonym is Lady Lemon – is the one who makes up and photographs Milei before each public or media appearance that the now candidate for national deputy for the City of Buenos Aires makes. It was she who, in an interview with Viviana Canosa on Channel 9, confessed that to the neighbors of Barrio 31, during campaign visits, she said: “Do not sell yourself for a choripán, worth more. I demanded more and they will give you more ”.

And he added: “One of them told me ‘throw me some pesos and we will follow’. No, not for a choripán, skinny. Politicians love poor people because it is easier to buy the vote. Whoever has less, conforms to less ”.

The economist Javier Milei with Lilia Lemoine: it is the woman who takes care of her image in the campaign and participates in the tours (Photo: @lilialemoine).

On his LinkedIn profile he presents himself with the following words: “I was born an artist, I grew up a specialist in it, I developed as a gimmick, I made a business out of my love for cosplay, I understood the networks, I became an influencer and I discovered that everything leads me to seek freedom. I’ve already fulfilled almost all my childhood dreams, so I look for new ones ”.

In his YouTube account, Lemoine has 70 thousand subscribers and more than 450 videos where he mixes the artistic and the political within the same audiovisual space. On Instagram, his activism is also massive: he has more than 100,000 followers on his personal account and another 18,000 in which he exhibits himself in various costumes.

The 41-year-old woman is one of the pillars within Milei’s campaign team (Photo: @ladylemoncosplay)

Lemoine’s interference in Milei’s election

That statement by Lemoine about what happened in Barrio 31 occurred on August 28, 2020. It was the kick to emphasize the electoral journey of its leader through the neighborhoods with less purchasing power of the Buenos Aires territory. The numbers achieved speak for themselves: Milei was the third most voted force in the City and did not drop below 12% of the votes in any of the 15 communes.

In those that had the greatest success was in 8 (Villa Soldati, Villa Lugano and Villa Riachuelo), where it obtained 14.88% of the votes; in line 9 (Liniers, Mataderos and Parque Avellaneda), it collected 15.03%; and in the 4th (Boca, Barracas, Parque Patricios and Nueva Pompeya), he was elected by 13.78% of the electorate. In commune 1 (which houses the aforementioned Barrio 31), it reached 14.06%.

This morning, the economist gave an interview on Radio Rivadavia and declared: “25% of porteños are aligned with the ideas of freedom. It is necessary to convince a part that behind a social democratic structure the ideas of freedom are not going to be respected, but subjugated ”.

And he concluded: “The most important thing is that liberalism is in a position to leave Kirchnerism in third place and from there it has to start going.” /TN

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