Jeon Ji-yoon, Frozen OST’Let It Go’ cover released… Elsa’s surprise transformation MK Sports Reporter Son Jinah

Singer Jeon Ji-yoon gave a surprise cover to the fans with a special song that comes to mind in winter.

Jun Ji-yoon released the cover video of’Frozen’ OST’Let It Go’ at 6 pm on the 5th on the official YouTube channel and SNS.

In the video, Jeon Ji-yoon is singing’Let It Go’ in her own style in a fairytale-like space that evokes the illusion of coming to the Kingdom of Arendelle in the animated frozen kingdom.

picture explanationJeon Ji-yoon covered the Frozen OST’Let It Go’. Photo = Atsroy NT, YouTube “JENYER Official”

In particular, Jeon Ji-yoon’s peculiar fascinating tone that stimulates the ears and the explosive vocal power that bursts in the second half of the song gives a different feeling from the original song, causing the illusion of listening to new music.

In addition, it added the joy of transforming into’Jeon Jeon Yoon-pyo Elsa’, which shows a sense of visual beauty that replaces the costumes of the middle part of the song and rich emotional acting as if representing the lyrics.

‘Fairy Princess Ju Ji-Yuri’ is a self-produced animation cover content presented by Jeon Ji-yoon. It is not a simple sound source cover, but a high-quality work that visually enhances the completeness, giving the illusion of watching the animation.

Jeon Ji-yoon was loved by publicizing the resurrection of the performance queen through’Bad’ last August, and active as a fantasy chemistry with Lee Yeon-hwa, Haein and Haein in the web beauty entertainment’Hip Hae Flex Season 2′ have. [email protected]

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