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San Francisco, November 17, 2022:

The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco will lead the audience on a cultural journey through time and space in the coming year. “First Meeting: Li Yubing,” a retrospective of Chinese-American queer artist Li Yubing (1936-1998), opened last month, recreating her unique work that blends Eastern and Western cultures. About the influential Japanese artist Hiroshi Yoshida (1926-1995)’s solo exhibition “Color Journey: Contemporary Print Exhibition of Hiroshi Yoshida” and Hong Kong artist Lam Tung Pang’s natural installation exhibition “Lin Tung Pang: Past Progressive” It will be held on December 16th. Focusing on this moment, the end-of-year blockbuster exhibition “Jiang Ji’s Warring States Punk” at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco will debut on November 18, 2022, opening a future fantasy cultural feast.

Kongkee, a prestigious award-winning animation director and visual artist, wants to take you back to the future Odyssey, through a long journey of more than 2,000 years – “Kongkee: Sengoku Punk” (Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk) brings together comics, animation, artifacts, and meditations on history repeating itself for the first time in an immersive experiential exhibition that traces the soul of the legendary poet Qu Yuan, from his travels in the ancient Kingdom of Chu to his imaginary filled with robots and psychedelia Post-rock Asia, a magic conference that travels through the past, the present, and the future. “Jiang Ji’s Warring States Punk” will premiere globally on November 18, 2022 at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, inviting audiences to step into the sci-fi universe sketched by artist Jiang Ji.

Work: Qu Yuan, Dragon’s Delusion—Assassination (Qu Yuan, Dragon’s Delusion—Assassination), 2018, Author: Jiang Ji (Jiang Kangquan/Jiang Ji; born 1977, active in Hong Kong and London) and Lisao Illusion Studio . Images courtesy of the artist and Penguin Lab. Copyright © 2018 Jiang Kee. “The Singer”, 2018, by Jiang Ji (Jiang Kangquan/Jiang Ji; born in 1977, active in Hong Kong and London). Images courtesy of the artist and Penguin Lab. Copyright © 2018 Jiang Kee. “River Hug” (River Hug), 2018, by Jiang Ji (Jiang Kangquan/Jiang Ji; born 1977, active in Hong Kong and London). Images courtesy of the artist and Penguin Lab. Copyright © 2017 Jiang Kee.

Intertwined with Jiang Ji’s animation, sound and projection installations in the exhibition hall are important cultural relics of the museum, including bronzes and Jade. “Jiang Ji’s Warring States Punk” curated by Chen Chang, director of the contemporary art department of the museum, will be exhibited in the Ryoko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang Museum. Opening in 2021, the museum has hosted a sensational exhibition by teamLab, a well-known Japanese digital art group.

“Jiang Ji began his refinement of contemporary art by studying the fables of historical figures in the Warring States Period, and this time, he echoed his creations by referring to the archaeological collections in this museum.” Chen Chang said: “He made ancient times The cultural relics of the era are naturally integrated into the sci-fi narrative, emphasizing that the past has never been far away with a strong Jiang style. Exploring the precipitation of history is the decoding of opening another future, and at the same time provides us with a link to the present and reconnection. moment. He makes visible a vibrant, reimagined vision of Asia’s future—a fusion of ancient mysteries and yet-to-be-discovered cutting-edge technologies, fueled by energy, music, and colour.” The exhibition revolves around the state of Chu The ghost of the poet Qu Yuan (339 BC – 278 BC), conceived his memory to be downloaded into the memory of a robot created by future technology.

Qu Yuan threw himself into the river and drowned. Later generations held dragon boat races and the related Dragon Boat Festival every year for him, which is the most vivid commemoration of the Chinese community in the world. However, “as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said: ‘No one steps into the same river twice, because it is not the same river and he is not the same person,’” Jiang Ji said. “I asked myself, what happens when a soul reappears after wandering underwater for 2,000 years?—will it find a new way out? Will it return to a place it is familiar with? Qu Yuan’s poetry has a psychedelic, Ethereal language, I try to reflect it in my artistic creation, not only that, but I also hope it can reflect our loss and expectation of this era.” In the neon psychedelic exhibition hall, stepping into the Jiang Ji is still the river of memory of the Android robot Qu Yuan, what is life and death and immortality, body and soul, and from the ancients who pursued the unity of man and nature to the post-epidemic reality of the unity of man and machine today, where does human beings and civilization go?

“The Warring States Period was not only a time of political strife, but also a brilliant era that had a profound impact on art. Many of the most enduring and powerful themes were integrated into Chinese culture,” said Xu Jie, director of Barbara Bass Bakar and director of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. Sengoku Punk gives us a way to weave our imaginations between the past and the future, and makes us appreciate how today’s digital expressions and digital narratives—animation, video art, and even video games—are equally hard-won. The techniques, inspirations and cultural influences of China are just like how the ancients looked at the bronze, jade and lacquer ware of the time.”

About Jiangji

Kongkee, whose real name is KONG Khong-chang, was born in Malaysia in 1977 and grew up in Hong Kong. He is an animation director and visual artist based in London. Founded Penguin Lab in 2008 till now. His work has been featured at film festivals and caught the attention of British pop band Blur, who have since teamed up with Kong Kee to create a comic book based on their hit album The Magic Whip (2015, Chinese translation of Blur Magic). Whip) drew “Travel to Hong Kong with Blur”.

In 2012, Jiang Ji’s comics were published in French in Europe as “Detournements: La littérature de Hong Kong en bande dessinée (co. Chihoi)”. In 2013, Kongkee began developing the manga series “Mi Luo Virtual,” which became the basis for the exhibition “Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk.” In 2020, one chapter of the manga was animated and adapted into a short film “Dragon’s Delusion”, which won the DigiCon6 award, the highest honor animation award in Asia. His latest work, Flower In The Mirror, is an interactive video installation commissioned by the M+ Museum and is currently on display in Hong Kong.

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