Joop dresses up as a ‘Star Wars’ character on a date in ‘LLDL’: ‘You sweat all the way’

So he devoted all his free time to other things. hobbies. “I do cosplay. I’m going to dress up as Mandalorian. That is a certain culture within the Star Warsuniverse,” he says in his registration video.

‘Star Wars’ Dress Up Party

What that means in practice will soon become clear. Dressed as his character, Joop is waiting for his blind date in the living room of the Long live love-Villa. When Charisse (26) enters, she doesn’t give herself an attitude at first. “Oh, hello,” she stammers.

She would like to introduce herself, but Joop is rather nervous with taking off his helmet. After a good awkward minute he finally succeeds. With a sweaty forehead as a result. “You’re sweating all over. you’re hot, I think. Nice to meet you. I am Charisse”, she finally introduces herself. Joop does the same: “I’m Joop and I’m part of one of the three worldwide Star Wars-costume clubs”.

Totally impressed

Fortunately for Joop, Desiree turns out to be just as big a fan of the film series. When he’s changed and is sitting next to her in his normal clothes at the bar, she pulls a Darth Vader necklace from under her shirt. “How nice this is. So far this is really not that bad for me”, she sighs with satisfaction.

Being like Joop light to know comes out, she is completely impressed. As if he didn’t impress enough with his costume, he now puts on quite a show with his weapon. Desiree sits down and watches enthusiastically. “I think this is so thick. Really very sick.”

Watch Long Live Love here back.

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