Jump Victory Carnival 2021, what a disappointment! The community is upset on social media

What was supposed to be a breeding ground for shocking announcements turned out to be a big hole in the water! Let’s talk about the Jump Vicotry Carnival 2021, an event that proved to be a failure from every point of view. The disappointment of the fandom gave life to the teasing on social networks.

All fans were waiting for this day with great excitement. At 16:00, in Japan, the Jump Victory Carnival 2021 took place, Shueisha house official event in which it was thought that new, ambitious projects were announced and presented. In the official poster, in fact, which you find at the bottom of the article, we see the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super, Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, Black Clover, ONE PIECE and numerous others gathered together. The event, however, ended with a stalemate giving rise to a great controversy.

The community was convinced that today we would experience the reveal del film di Black Clover, or even the return of the anime series, stopped for several months at episode 170. Not only that, it seemed that during the Shueisha event would have released new information on Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the long-awaited film to be released in 2022. But the Jump Victory Carnival 2021 was none of this.

Aired on Japanese TV, Shueisha’s biggest event turned out to be one transmission along the lines of Takeshi’s Castle, in which the guests faced Dragon Ball, Boruto and Dragon Quest Dai themed games. Not even the shadow of new ads or trailers. At the end of the broadcast, the public gave birth to a series of controversies, which resulted on social media in a series of irreverent posts.

The disappointment is strong, but there will be an opportunity to make up for it. Jump Festa 2022 is upon us, here are dates and first details on the event.

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