K-Annie, ‘Pearl Pearl’ abroad on SNS

Popularity outside the home theater and on TikTok… ‘Maca & Roney’ 10 million views in 3 days
Short and no dialogue, suitable for global distribution… ‘Dodo’, which has never been aired on domestic or foreign TV
Taiwanese Instagram followers more than Korea… ‘Bread Barbershop’ enters top 10 on Netflix

‘Cute Glasses’ by ‘Maca & Roney’ (pictured above), which has been viewed about 19 million times on TikTok. A store in Taiwan’s Eslite Department Store that sells ‘Bread Barbershop’ video (middle photo) that tells the story of a crab cake that he considers to be a real blue crab, ‘Doudou’ character dolls, notebooks, and cups. Provided by Bricks Studio and Monster Studio

On the 3rd of last month, the one-minute video ‘Cute Glasses’ uploaded on the global platform TikTok is getting an explosive response. It’s a simple story that makes Ronnie, the main character, who took a vision test, wear glasses, and her eyes get bigger and cuter, but it surpassed 10 million views in three days. As of the 21st, the cumulative number of views is about 19 million. Comments were also posted in various languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and French. This video is a clip of some episodes of the Korean animation ‘Maca & Roney’.

Korean animation is gaining great popularity around the world on global platforms. Cute, eye-catching characters and interesting stories that can be immediately understood regardless of language are attractive elements. Characters that are much more famous abroad than in Korea are emerging one after another.

Maka & Roney, which was created by CJ ENM and Korean production company Brick Studios and has been airing on Tooniverse since March of this year, uploaded a highlight video on TikTok and gathered 450,000 followers in three months. The cumulative number of views of the comic clips about the invention challenge of a genius inventor and a thoughtful assistant has reached 57 million. Producer Woo Kyung-min (37), producer of Maca & Roney, said, “I made it in the form of a short animation without lines, keeping in mind the global market such as YouTube and TikTok.” Thanks to its hot popularity, Maca & Roney is expected to release two mobile games within this year.

The 20-30 second ultra-short web animation ‘Dough Dough’, which cutely depicts the daily life of donut dough and dough Moumou, has become famous since it was introduced on TikTok and Instagram in 2018. Although it has never been aired on domestic or foreign TV, it currently has 2.1 million followers on its TikTok account. By age, 18-24 years old (44.5%) and 25-34 years old (39.3%) accounted for 83.8%, overwhelmingly high. Dough dough is especially popular in Taiwan. As of the 18th, Taiwan accounted for about 20% of Instagram followers, surpassing Korea (12.7%). Accordingly, in April this year, an offline store that sells stuffed toys, notebooks, cups, etc. using the dodow character was opened at the famous department store eslite department store Cheongpinshini branch in Taipei, Taiwan, and it has been operating to this day. Made as a Line emoticon in September 2019 in Taiwan and Japan, Dodou ranked first in Taiwan’s emoticon popularity ranking 20 hours after its release. Bricks Studio, which made the dough, will produce a 5-minute animation within this year and release it on YouTube and online video service (OTT). The animation ‘Bread Barbershop’ made by Monster Studios entered the top 10 Netflix TV series in the world less than a month after the first season was released on Netflix in August last year. This animation tells the story of Bread, a barber, and Wilk, a milk assistant, who listens to the concerns of their dessert friends and changes their hairstyle to solve them. Season 2 on Netflix will start around the end of next month, and season 3 will be aired on Netflix starting December this year on KBS. Jung Ji-hwan, CEO of Monster Studio, said, “When I upload the Korean version of the Bread Barbershop video on TikTok, a lot of foreigners say, ‘I don’t know Korean, but it’s so cute. It seems to provide sympathy with the fun of it.”

PD Woo said, “Animation is loved by adults as well as children, so it has a wide fan base, and once popular, love lasts for a long time, so it is good to expand it to various contents using intellectual property rights.”

By Kim Tae-eon, reporter [email protected]

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