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――First of all, I would like to ask you about the roles of the two of you. How is the impression of Holy played by Mr. Hanazawa?

HanazawaI think he’s an interesting girl because he’s watching the original and the anime (laughs). However, I’m a little scared if I’m a junior because there is a dark part and I’m screaming that it’s tough. I want Lisa to tell me.

KomatsuCertainly, when viewed from the outside of the work, it seems that Holy’s tight remarks have some intention, but from the point of view of the person being said, it can’t be helped. I think I will definitely atrophy.

HanazawaMy stomach hurts because I’m with this senior today! However, Holy has holy thoughts and thoughts. I think he’s not really a bad boy because his sharp remarks are just because he recognizes the other person properly. The more you know the inside, the more attractive you look.

――How about Lisa played by Mr. Komatsu?

KomatsuI think that everything is a child who is faithful to the basics. I’m sure there is an ideal image of seniors, and even if that is the case, it’s an image of dealing with juniors while looking at myself objectively. Her seriousness and strong sense of responsibility can also be felt from her strong vocabulary.

HanazawaCertainly, Lisa feels like a straight hard worker. Whether you are a student aiming for a theater company or a senior, it makes sense to do your best.

KomatsuIt’s serious, but to put it the other way around, there are places like Holy that aren’t smart. I think it can be full of myself.

――The image is that the two are always together, but their personalities are completely different.

KomatsuI agree. However, there is a place that makes me feel that Holy is one better. It was said that even in the past recollections, it was holy and stunning.

HanazawaEven if I point out something, I don’t say it in an easy-to-understand manner, “Oh, it’s holy.” It’s hard to see what I really mean. I haven’t said anything wrong, but from the point of view of the person being told, I feel a sense of opposition before I receive the word. When I was told something I didn’t like, my feelings would come first.

KomatsuThe difference between what Lisa was aiming for and how she is seen around her is something that Lisa herself must later notice, and I think it’s amazing that Holy is the first to notice it. But I wonder if it’s called Zuba.

HanazawaIt’s amazing to say suddenly. But when I was doing this job, I was talking about that kind of thing when I was dubbing. We are in a similar world, and I feel like that was said, especially when I was a child actor.

KomatsuEven in the work of a voice actor, people say something like “What are you going to audition for? That? There’s definitely this one” (laughs).

HanazawaIt may be accurate, but even if I was told just before the audition … it seems like … (laughs).

KomatsuThat makes me feel a little depressed. In that sense, I understand Lisa’s feelings.

――How was the feeling of dubbing?

HanazawaAfter all, I’m glad I read the original spin-off.

KomatsuI am the same. Thanks to the spin-off, I think we have a base for making roles.

HanazawaUntil the third act, Holy may look like a “sniffing heroine” (laughs), but he never likes to sneak at his juniors. I think it would be completely different if you acted without knowing that you would understand it. But I was very tired. Saying a word that pierces my heart is such a physical strength. I have to be tingling all the time, and the content is all important. Every time I felt nervous.

KomatsuAlthough Lisa is a straight-spoken senior, she wasn’t too strict and her words weren’t sharp, so she didn’t use her physical strength excessively. However, in the second half, there was a scene where the words of the whole body were released. Lisa’s wishes and feelings are strongly contained in it, so it took a lot of energy.

–Did you have any direction from the sound director?

HanazawaDepending on the scene, I was sometimes advised that “it’s okay to play more.” Certainly, there are places where you are holy and direct yourself in everyday conversation. It’s a mean word, but it’s a mellow way of speaking, so it’s scary.

KomatsuAt the beginning, I was told, “I hope the nuances of the first meeting (with my juniors) will be strong.” I have an impression from the preparatory students, so I want them to have a slightly harsh atmosphere at first. I think that was the big direction.

――They are often involved in chintz and love, but how did you see how to interact with your juniors?

HanazawaIt is interesting that Holy has a completely different attitude toward chintz and love. After the middle stage, there was a scene where I gave strict guidance to chintz. But I think that’s because I feel something about the chintz and I appreciate the strong part. As I mentioned earlier, Holy is called Zuba, but the content itself is not wrong. I wonder how the juniors will take it.

–Sacred is also a fan of JPX48, to which Ai belonged.

HanazawaThe guess is different, but I think I have some special feelings for Ai-chan. I think you know how hard you’ve been as an idol, and you have respect.

――How about Lisa?

KomatsuI feel that I am getting a good stimulus from the exposure. Even though Lisa says she can’t be an Oscar, she clearly denies that she can’t be an Oscar. On the contrary, I thought that the scene where Lisa was surprised was a good influence.

HanazawaThe chintz when I’m with Lisa is cute.

KomatsuIt feels good to be a junior. It was cute to see her feeling depressed and happy when she took the words of her seniors head-on.

HanazawaChintz is also mentally strong. I’m just jealous because it’s one of my talents to be positive and dedicated to everything.

――What if there was actually a junior like Sarasa?

KomatsuI think I’ll bring them all.

HanazawaI understand. Even in front of my seniors, it was amazing to be able to pursue my own expression without shrinking, but with the innocence of nature, it seems that any adversity will be repelled, and I thought that I might already be on the big stage.

KomatsuTo put it the other way around, it has a strong brilliance that can only be the main character, so it may be a drawback now. However, I envy the fact that it has a unique star character.

HanazawaIt would be nice if you could stay nearby.

――How about love?

HanazawaAi-chan is dignified in a different sense from chintz.

KomatsuExperience points are different.

HanazawaYeah, the difference in experience points is big. There are occasions when I think about it and think too much about it, but Ai-chan’s strength is to carry it on her back. I’m sure it would be reliable if we stood on the stage together.

KomatsuI quit being an idol because of the fire, but I think I was able to calmly analyze myself by facing myself and saying, “I can’t do this.” It’s amazing to calmly analyze what you have and don’t have, what you can and cannot do in this year. On the other hand, I think I feel frustrated that I can’t live with my heart like bleaching, so I’m looking forward to seeing how I will expose my heart from now on.

――I think that there are various senior-junior relationships in the work of voice actors, but do you have an ideal image of seniors?

HanazawaWhether you are a senior in the office or a senior at the dubbing site, there are many seniors who can feel at ease just by being nearby. It seems to give a sense of security as well as a sense of tension. For that reason, when I am with my juniors, I want to be a senior who can relax. However, I can only think of that means as giving sweets (laughs).

KomatsuUnderstand! It’s like “Are you candy?” (Laughs).

HanazawaThat’s why I was told, “I’m sorry, I already have it.” However, if there is a junior who seems nervous and getting smaller, I want to be a senior who cares properly.

KomatsuHowever, when I was a newcomer, I was sometimes told that I should do this here, but when I became a senior, I hesitated. For a moment I wondered if I was at a level where people could teach me.

HanazawaIt’s difficult to teach.

KomatsuI wonder if only basic things such as microphone work can be taught. That alone makes me very nervous … So I think Lisa and Holy are really amazing. Even though I’m a junior who reports directly to me, I can clearly teach what I should teach.

HanazawaBoth of them are imposing. I’m scared to say, “Mike … maybe I should have gone there …”.

KomatsuMoreover, there are many cases where it is not transmitted unexpectedly. In fact, even if I look back on my time as a newcomer, I didn’t think that I understood and used the advice of my seniors. After a few years, I often notice the kindness of what he said at that time. Therefore, when I give advice, I don’t tell it because I don’t understand it, but I try to give it with courage and kindness with the feeling that I hope it will be conveyed someday.

–And the Blu-ray Volume 3 released on October 27th will have the Holy Spin-off Drama CD “Absolute Heroine”, and the Volume 4 released on November 24th will have Lisa’s spin-off. Comes with a drama CD “99th graduation ceremony”. How was this recording?

HanazawaIn the drama CD of Holy, you can see the feelings for JPX48 and how Holy was saved, and you can see why Holy is harsh for both others and yourself. Also, I would like you to pay attention to Yuta, a sacred best friend who plays Walkun Murase. Coupled with Murase-kun’s acting, it has become a really nice character.

KomatsuI loved Lisa’s spin-off because I thought it was a holy story of Lisa’s eyes rather than Lisa’s. I think Lisa had a few feelings that it didn’t go well with Holy. Even so, I think you can see the greatness of Holy and the respect for Holy. I cried a little at the end.

–Thank you. Finally, please tell us the highlights after the fourth act.

HanazawaSei-chan continues to have some angry scenes, but there are also charming parts, so I hope you can feel the cuteness of the mascot. As you get used to it, you will see that (laughs).

KomatsuFrom here, the preparatory students will jump into their own battles and work hard with their surroundings, so I would like you to keep an eye on how they grow. Lisa will also be involved with her juniors, focusing on her exposure, so I’d be happy if you could see it from Lisa’s point of view.


Please tell us the “top star conditions” in your work (manga artist, director, music, voice actor, etc.).


I think he is a person who is attentive to every corner.
When I’m overwhelmed to the point of trembling at the dubbing site, I feel that I’m making such a detailed role.
At such times, it sounds like the character is completely speaking, rather than the actor speaking.
I think this is the kind of person who stands at the top.


You are a person who always has an inquisitive mind.
The same is true for the job of a voice actor, and I think that is the case for those who can take on new challenges beyond the boundaries of voice actors.
For those who can jump over genres, feed back the work other than voice actors to the work of voice actors.
I want to emulate that inquisitiveness and greed, as all of them will show further growth.


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