Kaiju N°8: after Chainsaw Man and Solo Leveling, here is the next hit anime!

The year 2022 continues to spoil manga and anime fans again and again.

With the arrival next October of Chainsaw Man on Crunchyroll and the announcement of an adaptation of Solo Leveling, fans of Kaiju N°8 are also entitled to excellent news.

The shonen monster

Although the summer season is in full swing for anime fans, here is some very good news for Kaju #8 fans: the shônen will be entitled to its anime adaptation! The announcement could not be more official, proof is with this tweet shared by the manga account.

After chainsaw man et Solo Leveling, this is yet another flagship work from previous years that will land on our screens. Kaiju N°8 is not only a hit in the land of the rising sun, but it is also a successful manga in France.

Kazé had launched last year a real monster advertising campaign for the release of the first volume which broke the sales record for a manga in our country, selling more than 20,000 copies in seven days.

Towards a release in 2023?

Kaiju N°8 tells the story of Kafka Givesa somewhat lost 30-something who lives in a reality where our world is invaded by Kaijus, gigantic monsters destroying everything in their path. Our hero has only one desire in mind: integrate the defense forces and join his childhood friend Mina Ashiro. After ending up in the hospital following a stroke, Kafka is attacked by a parasitic creature which then allows him to transform… into a Kaiju! Then begins the character’s journey to defend humanity against monsters and fight alongside her friend.

If the announcement of this adaptation is very fresh, there are still many points to be clarified, such as the release date of this anime. For the moment, no information has been communicated on this subject. Given the timing, however, we expect a release for the end of next year, or even in winter 2024. It will still be necessary to wait before knowing more and to be satisfied for the moment with this first visual.

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