Kakegurui: Girl performs an amazing Kirari Momobami cosplay

The series of Kakegurui It is impressive, because in each of its chapters it keeps you on the edge of the seat with the intensity of its bets and especially the price paid for losing one.

Within this story we meet several girls who are the big brains behind the bets at the Hyakkaou Academy, where the figures of the Student Council stand out. The director of this association is none other than Kirari Momobami.

Kirari Momobami

Photo: MAP

Kirari is shown as a fairly well-mannered and well-mannered girl who until now has loved to see other people gambling the most valuable thing for her (as a dealer in the encounter between Manyuda and Yumeko and in the confrontation between Igarashi and Yumeko). This girl It is to be feared because she is never willing to lose a bet, but at the same time this severe character has inspired cosplayer girls to recreate her.

Kakegurui: Girl performs an amazing Kirari Momobami cosplay

Photo: Lisyan Fox

It is through Reddit that this incredible cosplay made by @Lisyan Fox who is playing Kirari Momobami in an extraordinary way, in a Hyakkaou private academy uniform and distinctive cup of tea.

This girl stands out for her white hair and blue lips as well as her nails, as it represents the cosplayer Miss Momobami is very serious and neat with her physical representation, It seems that each of his actions is coldly calculated well in advance and throughout history we realize that it is so. This outfit is not such a sexy cosplayBut what gives the character the tone of sensuality is his attitude.

It is cosplay has been very popular on Reddit with positive comments on Lisyan Fox’s work: “I love the lighting and the atmosphere of this photo. And your cosplay looks amazing! ” and we cannot agree more with this type of comment. What do you think about it?


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