Kanchhi surprises us with a daring cosplay of Tengen Uzui

The anime adaptation of the original manga story of Demon Slayerarrived on the screen some time ago, and since then it has been the center of attention, since it not only has a story full of action and special attack techniques, but its animation has been a revelation for fans of the game. anime, without forgetting that it has an interesting variety of characters.

And now, that the best moment of the day has arrived, we bring you a new and attractive cosplay that we have found on the networks, so take a moment with us and it is more than clear once again that anime and cosplay They have a special connection, which is reflected in the photographs that make our imagination fly, making the dream of their followers come true.

So taking advantage of the fact that the cosplay rules are not yet written, now we bring a female version of one of the most beloved male characters within Kimetsu no Yaibasince for the costume artists there are no impossible and they manage to create great versions that brighten our day.

Right Uzui, who was once a Demon Slayer and is known as the ancient Pillar of Sound, a boy who has an eccentric personality and considers himself a superior being, so the decision to have three beautiful wives, is not It is surprising, because a “God” like him could not settle for just one. Many consider him insensitive, but sometimes he shows the kind side of him, especially with his wives.

She is Kanchia big fan of both comics and video games, as well as being a model, is just beginning to conquer us with her cosplay versions, you can find her on her official Instagram as @kanchhicat, where she has more than 3,000 followers, as well as a small but charming catalog of cosplay.

We hope you liked this cosplay, don’t forget to leave us your comments on our social networks, and please continue on eGames News.

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