Katerina is Reika Shimohira thanks to her Gantz cosplay

The anime and manga of Gantz It has a long way to go but is still remembered for the design of its characters and costumes. Proof of this are the fan arts and cosplays that we see from time to time, such as the cosplay of Reika Shimohira made by the talented Katerina o Katekey cosplay.

Reika Shimohira is a Gantz character who first appeared in the manga as a background character, as she is one of the models featured in the adult magazines that Kai Kurono buys at the beginning of the story. However, Katerina’s cosplay shows us the model in Gantz’s huntress uniform.

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Although Reika Shimohira appeared first in the manga, the character’s popularity increased a lot thanks to the animated film Gantz: 0, as she is one of the protagonists alongside Masaru Kato. Thanks to the movie we were able to see Reika in 3D, but Katarina’s cosplay shows us how she would look like in a live-action.

We first saw Katarina cosplaying Gantz’s Reika Shimohira in November 2020, which was well received by her social media followers. However, the second time we saw Katarina in her Reika Shimohira cosplay surprised her fans even more, as she struck a pose straight out of the Gantz covers.

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Katarina certainly looks great in the Gantz huntress outfit, which made her Reika Shimohira cosplay look great. If you like Katarina’s style of cosplaying her, I recommend that you follow her on her social media, as Reika is just one of many she has cosplayed for.

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