Kimono Japan Komon Hitoe Summer Single Layer Cosplay in Düsseldorf – District 5

55 € VB

Shipping is possible

40489 Düsseldorf – Bezirk 5


Kimono resolution ^~^

I’ve bought a bit too many kimonos over the year and now I want to make some space.

A Komon with a pretty honeycomb/hexagon pattern is offered here.

It’s a hitoe kimono, a single-layer summer kimono that’s coming next summer!

The fabric is very rough, unfortunately I can’t say exactly what kind of fabric it is, but it is nice and light and you can easily see through it.

It’s not a Natsumono ^~^

On the sides there would be some fabric to make it a little bigger in width, I can give the length as a good 152cm.

More dimensions are on the photo ^~^

The kimono offered here are in very good condition and have always been professionally folded and stored in Tatoshi in an extra kimono cabinet.

As with almost all kimono, these also smell of mothballs, that’s just part of it and is a great protection ;D

Please pay close attention to the pictures, everything was captured in the photos ^~^

Price is WITHOUT shipping.

It will ONLY be sent insured ^~^

In addition, about €5.50 will be added to shipping (I’m not Amazon and I can’t ship for free :’D).

Just write to me if you have any questions or anything else 😀

Collection or delivery at Düsseldorf main station possible.

Attention cat and dog as roommates.

Attempts have always been made to keep hair away from the kimonos, but this is not a guarantee.

Liability for damages due to injury to health, body or life and grossly negligent and/or intentional violations of my duties as a seller remains unaffected/remains unrestricted.

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