Kizuna AI and Enako co-star in the 5th anniversary live singing together beyond the dimensions –

Virtual YouTuber who is also active as a talent / artistKizuna AI(Kizuna AI) will hold a birthday live to commemorate the 5th anniversary.

“Wednesday, June 30th at Zepp Haneda”Kizuna AI 5th Birthday Live “A.I.Party 2021”As a guest of “CosplayerEnakoHas been revealed.

The two have co-starred on the cover and top gravure of comic magazines and on YouTube. At this live, the two will be shown singing together.

Tickets will be on sale from 10:00 on May 29th (Sat), and online viewing tickets will be on sale on each platform.

[Image]Enako’s cosplay & gravure photo

Enako boosts the value of cosplay

“Weekly Spirits” featuring Kizuna AI and Enako on the cover and top gravure

Kizuna AI and Enako appeared on the cover and top gravure of “Weekly Spirits” (Shogakukan) in July 2020. It attracted attention as a collaboration that transcends dimensions.

Enako is one of the cosplayers who continues to make remarkable achievements and leads the scene, such as being appointed as a “Cool Japan Ambassador” by the Cabinet Office.

Kizuna AI’s cosplay by Enako

Cosplay, which was a sub-category of amateur and doujinshi activities, has been promoted to entertainment that many media have taken up, and it is also contributing to the development as a culture.

If you are told that you can only get red and white or Comiket, give priority to ComiketDespite being a nerd who speaks aloud in the interview, the height of consciousness that he showed when he appeared in “Jonetsu Tairiku” in December 2020 was echoed.

Kizuna AI expanding overseas

On the other hand, Mr. Kizuna AI is also a leading figure in the VTuber world, and like Mr. Enako, he appeared in the mass media as VTuber from early on, and has permeated the concept of virtual existence.

In May 2020, Kizuna AI Co., Ltd. was established as an independent company from Activ8 Co., Ltd., which had been managing the company until now, and since then, activities in new fields have become active.

In January 2021, a business alliance was signed with UTA (United Talent Agency), one of the four major Hollywood agencies. Currently, a North American tour entitled “Kizuna AI Virtual US Tour” is being held.

「Kizuna AI 5th Birthday Live “A.I.Party 2021”」

For Kizuna AI, this birthday live will be the first live in about two years with an offline audience and online distribution. What kind of performance will you perform with Enako on the stage with a live band led by DÉ DÉ MOUSE?

It has also been announced that the first 10 minutes of the virtual live “Kizuna AI Virtual US Tour DAY2” Virtual Live From NY “” to be held on May 30th (Sun) will be released on YouTube for free.

[Image]Enako’s cosplay & gravure photo



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