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The first season of “Maid of the Dragon of the Kobayashi Family” received a high score of 9.7 at Xiaopo Station, which is already a very high score at Xiaopo Station, and it is more pertinent.

If you want to pick a daily movie, which one would you choose? Although this daily episode is not everyday, it can’t stand it. It’s really good-looking. It was an anime that went viral in 2017 directly because of Kang Na-chan’s emoji. After it went online in 2017, it will continue until 2021 this year. It only went online for the second part.

It went online after such a long time. It should be related to the Jingani arson incident, but Jingani has survived and is doing better and better. It is precisely in response to that sentence that anyone who did not defeat you will make you. You become stronger. Jingani launched “Maid of the Dragon of the Kobayashi Family 2”, once again proving his quality and painting ability.

Although the second season of this animation only went live at level 2, but the performance of these two episodes has surprised many viewers and fans. Especially after seeing the outstanding performance of the plot and the performance of the picture, I like the second season even more. First of all, the audience should know that no matter what works, novels, TV series, movies, or animations, the opening must be enough to attract talents to retain readers and fans.

Kobayashi's Dragon Servant Season 2 HD Resource Watch Free Download Kobayashi's Dragon Servant 2 Full Version Online Watch

For example, in the comic “Bo Ren Biography”, the plot of the opening story is that Kawaki and Bo Ren are fighting on Hokage Rock, and he said that he wants to send Bo Ren to Naruto. The implication is that he will send the story to Naruto. People have been killed, and now Bo people have to be killed. This is terrible. Readers are immediately interested in the next plot, so many readers continue to follow it. Although the next plot is a little bit hip, it still retains loyal readers, such as the author.

Kobayashi's Dragon Servant Season 2 HD Resource Watch Free Download Kobayashi's Dragon Servant 2 Full Version Online Watch

stable quality

Speaking of the animation “Maid Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 2”, at the beginning of the animation, it started with the daily funny plots of Thor and Connor Kobayashi that readers liked, giving the audience a feeling of “going home” first.

After being familiar with the new plot, Yilulu appeared on the stage, and then Yilulu’s appearance also attracted the attention of the audience.

Kobayashi's Dragon Servant Season 2 HD Resource Watch Free Download Kobayashi's Dragon Servant 2 Full Version Online Watch

But the appearance is not the most attractive. The most attractive thing is that Eluru will fight Thor when he enters the field. This fight is called a fierce battle, with various expenses exploding and the number of frames exploding, even though Thor appears. The battle with Eluru does not have many exciting special sessions and exciting pictures, but it is also exciting enough. The audience can see such a fierce fight at the beginning of the daily episode, which is already very attractive.

After the battle between Illulu and Thor, Irma intervened and Thor won the final victory. Although the battle is over, the story of the character who appeared in the big scene is not over yet. There are more plot developments in her body, and she will become the main character in the second season and continue with the Kobayashi family. Development story.

Kobayashi's Dragon Servant Season 2 HD Resource Watch Free Download Kobayashi's Dragon Servant 2 Full Version Online Watch

I have to say that the plot and screen performance of the second season are very good. To be honest, the plot and screen performance of some of the hot-blooded battles may not be as good as the Xiaolin’s Dragon Maid animation. It is the most hot-blooded and hot-blooded battle in the cute drama. Fanli is the most cute, and she is quite funny in the daily cute dramas. It can be said that this animation is really excellent and it is very worth watching.

Concluding remarks

After experiencing the arson incident, Jing Ani was able to sustain himself well. You can see that “Maid Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 2” is not only well-funded, but also well-made, and the plot is also very good. I hope Jing Ani’s animations can be maintained in the future. good quality. This animation will be launched on Xiaopo Station, but there is no news yet, so it should be reviewed.

As for when it will go live, it is a mystery, because part of the animation of this animation is more impactful. After submission for review, it may be required to delete or cover some of the plot and the picture. Then the audience’s picture experience will not be so good, but as long as It’s not a big problem to be able to watch it online.

original title:Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 2: The second season’s funding explodes, and the plot and fight are equally exciting

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