Kojima wants to release next game as anime and manga as well

Which ones is developing a new IP and hopes his new project will be mega and more than just a game. The game should have an impact on the industry, according to the Japanese. By having an impact, he means that the game will also come to other media, such as anime, manga or action figures.

By the way, when he set up his new studio, Kojima had no intention of creating anything big at all, actually he wanted to make a small film, but after talking with family and friends he abandoned it. He thinks he should come up with something great.

“Everyone is expecting a lot from your next project, and it has to be a big one. Something that goes over a game that earned perfect scores; something that goes beyond that. Don’t get derailed.”

Kojima left Konami in December and has not been idle since. He has founded a new studio, called Kojima Productions, with an accompanying YouTube channel. He also attended the DICE Awards last Thursday, where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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