Korea IT Vocational School Animation Department, Recruitment of new students for 2022 before the SAT

Provided by Korea IT Vocational School

[쿠키뉴스] Reporter Lee Young-soo = The Department of Animation is providing systematic education with a curriculum and specialized educational equipment to nurture webtoon and animation experts.

In the metaverse era, companies are discussing specific cooperation plans for content business, such as metaverse operation plans, and schools are expanding opportunities to interact with companies to provide content education.

The Department of Animation at Korea IT Vocational College is strengthening the exchange of talents for webtoon and cartoon animation and industry-university cooperation to prepare for the rapidly changing content industry.

The Department of Animation offers specialized courses ranging from basic art to published comics, webtoons, 2D/3D animation, illustration and concept art.

A school official said, “Manga animation can be used in digital contents such as webtoons, scenarios, games, stereoscopic images, and graphics. The Department of Animation is supporting the advancement of major students through industry-academia-research projects.” “The Department of Animation commissions a character animation project, graduates and advisors gather to carry out the project, and students plan project ideas and upload episodes to YouTube. We are actively engaged in activities.”

The Department of Animation at Korea IT Vocational College is recruiting new students for the 2022 academic year before the entrance exam to train professional animators.

We are conducting an interview for new admissions for high school seniors, graduates, and students who have passed the official entrance exam.

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