Kotoko Hyuga’s Love Hotel Hyundai Journey (74) Yokosuka “Hotel Gloss” (April 8, 2021) –Excite News

I’m Kotoko Hyuga, a love hotel critic. This time, this time, it just reopened in July 2020!

Introducing the hotel “Hotel Gloss Yokosuka”, which is recommended for girls traveling, couples, and one person, about 15 minutes by car from the Yokosuka interchange.

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■ 1 room 1 garage type

Since it is a one-room, one-garage type, you can check in to the room as it is when you park your car in the parking space of the room you care about. High roof cars are also OK.

It’s safe and happy to be able to check in directly from the car to your room without going to the front desk or meeting anyone right now. Of course, cleaning is perfect!

All rooms are equipped with a water server, air purifier, whirlpool, Wi-Fi, VOD, amenities, free rental items, and cosplay, so you can enjoy it even if you go empty-handed!

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■ For Misaki tuna and Hayama dates!

Sajima Marina, Hayama and Miura Peninsula are also nearby, so it is recommended for couples who want to enjoy an adult date!

Some of the regulars stay at the hotel every week and go to eat Misaki tuna the next day.

Meals can be delivered, so if you want to relax in your room, please do. Of course, you can bring in food and drinks.

There is also a wrap on the side of the microwave, which is convenient for warming up. You can see the meticulous hospitality.

■ Weekday consecutive nights OK, business use!

Weekday consecutive nights are also possible, so it is convenient for business.

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