Krafton hires Hollywood film producer Adi Shanka… Bug animation production

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[아시아경제 강나훔 기자] Krafton announced on the 21st that it has appointed Hollywood film producer Adi Shankar as Executive Creative Producer (PD) for the PUBG-based animation project.

New PD Adi Shanka has been in Hollywood for more than 10 years, producing a variety of blockbusters, including the films ‘The Gray’, ‘Jersey Dredd’ and ‘Lone Survivor’. He is also the youngest producer with a history of winning number one at the North American box office. Recently, he was in charge of the production and production of the Netflix original series animation ‘Castlevania’.

Crafton collaborates with Adi Shanka PD to create an animation project that will expand the PUBG Universe, the worldview of its game PUBG.

PD Adi Shanka said, “Since PUBG was released in 2017, I also traveled the battlegrounds of PUBG as a gamer countless times. I am very excited to join this journey.” We expect it to serve as a bridge that connects us.”

Reporter Nahum Kang [email protected]

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