Kursk “princess Merida” shared the secrets of craftsmanship

Red hair and blue eyes. In the hands of a bow, and behind a quiver with arrows. The Kursk archer Marina Bukanova is very similar to the main character from the cartoon “Brave at heart”. Is this cosplay or a coincidence? Why did the Kurian woman choose such an unusual hobby?

Merida is the name of the main character of the cartoon. And the archer from Kursk is Marina, she is a reenactor. The similarity with the Disney princess has long been noticed by friends.

Marina Bukanova, reenactor of the military-historical club “Path of the Ancestors”: “At the last festival“ Ladinoe Pole ”,“ Rusborg ”took place last August, they compared me there for the first time, although I was without a bow, with this heroine. Princess Merida, in my opinion, her name is, I have not watched the cartoon yet. I was at the Epic Coast festival last year and there I saw the guys shooting from a bow. I really liked it. I don’t even know if I will succeed or not. And in the club the guys had bows, and they let me try to shoot. “

For the first time Marina got to the archery tournament this year. At first she went through a difficult selection and was the only girl on the shooting range. It was not possible to win this time.

Marina Bukanova: “It doesn’t matter if you win the tournament, you won’t. The very meaning, when the arrow flies to the target, the feeling that you yourself are flying in this target. Very interesting feeling, and I really like it. I want to participate in tournaments at all the festivals that will be. “

It takes a strong hand to pull a tight twisted linen string, says Marina.

“We have everything from 40 pounds, 45. Now I have to come to 20 kg, which is about 50 pounds. In principle, you can stretch it. The bowstring cuts your fingers very hard when you draw the bow. Therefore, there must be some kind of protection on the fingers, too.

Maria Kolosova, correspondent: “Now let’s try to take an archery lesson. This is the first time for me. I am new to this. Let’s see what happens. – The arrow is placed on this part of the arm so that the yellow part is farther away. Now you pull back with three fingers, and two fingers hold the arrow. Pull. That’s right, yes. – And let it go? – Let it go. “Wow, almost hit.”

Beginners are lucky – they almost hit the bull’s-eye. But the first lesson was revealing. You need to shoot in a serious training in defense, so as not to injure your hands, says Marina. The Kursk archer has big plans: to make the equipment herself, to conquer archery tournaments in the style of the Middle Ages one by one, and someday to make a real cosplay for a “brave-hearted” princess.

Maria Kolosova


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