Laughter and fun with “The surprise”

At the Astra di Sassari the comedy written by Cosimo Filigheddu in the staging curated by Mario Lobino

SASSARI. Laughter and fun for the premiere of Cosimo Filigheddu’s comedy “The Surprise”. staged at the Cine Teatro Astra as part of the “October at the Theater” review organized by the Teatro Sassari company. The show, directed by Mario Lubino, offers an opportunity for entertainment to fans of the brilliant genre and impresses with the accuracy of the staging.

The surreal yet credible story of a bourgeois drama told by Filigheddu mixes with the comic comedy that we could define from Sassari but which is actually universal. The narrative of daily life and the decadence of the wealthy classes of the West creates a mélange that attracts and mixing genres seems almost to create a new one. As this is a “surprise”, we cannot anticipate how the story of a rich, noble and highly skilled businessman from Sassari ends up who returns home after ten years spent in the hands of African rebels who had kidnapped him while he was there for work. To hear the laughter and the open-stage applause of the audience, it seems that the contamination has nevertheless succeeded.

This is also thanks to the painstaking direction of Mario Lubino, who also plays the returning husband, Stadero Arnuzio Fortebraccio di Monteleone Roccadoria or simply Llull. A direction careful to make each of the two genres, the bourgeois and the popular, without ever falling into social tragedy with the first and vulgarity with the second. Llull’s wife, Betta, is played by a talented Alessandra Spiga, who in this comedy reveals all the maturity and expressive perfection of her being a “bourgeois” actress often lent to a popular genre. Indeed, the author seems to have thought of the two acting souls of the Spiga by inventing this contamination of genres. To act as a counterpoint to him is Mario Lubino, who directs himself by building a character whose character, imprisoned in the awareness of the decadence of his family, is gradually defined along the story, until the unexpected final “surprise”. Applause also for Michelangelo Ghisu, Commissioner Sabrina, Paolo Colorito and Pasquale Poddighe. Last replica Sunday 24 at 19.

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