launches the new single with a demon look

I was in the seventh grade when I watched Inuyasha’s episodes on MTV at midnight. I never thought that one day I would be able to transform …“So the rapper Mahmood announced the release of Inuyasha, the first official single that precedes the new recording project. Inuyasha is a half-demon protagonist of a manga of the same name, characterized by white hair and bright red clothes. Inspired by the manga, on social networks Mahmood has really “transformed” into the character. In fact, in the latest photos shared on Instagram he has always shown himself dressed in red and with particular beauty choices: eyebrows and sideburns dyed red and “prostheses” on his ears to make them pointed like those of a demon. Also on his hands he wears particular “jewels” that give the fingers the shape of claws.

Mahmood’s red trench coat in Inuyasha

The latest looks shared by the singer on Instagram are all characterized by red, in order to reinforce the identification with the character of Inuyasha: padded bombers, sweaters and leather jackets. The red of the monk’s robe of the cartoon character is linked to a Japanese folk legend and consists of the trousers (hakama), a jacket with wide sleeves and a belt (obi). To recreate the look (of great visual impact) Mahmood chose a long trench coat with a flaming red belt and wore it for a photo in the snow: the model is signed Burberry and is characterized by ton sur ton buttons and a belt with studs. Underneath he wears a pair of trousers of the same color, black combat boots and has completed the look with a bow and “props” for the ears and fingers, to make them look like those of the half demon. Riccardo Tisci, creative director of Burberry, shared the shot again on his Instagram profile. Shortly after came the rapper’s reply, which testifies to a very close relationship of friendship and collaboration: “Virgo Demon … Thanks Ricky”.

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