Lee Kyung-gyu Chicken’Don Chicken’ Animation YouTube ad campaign to stimulate MZ generation

Input 2021.04.23 09:00

Don Chicken, known as Lee Gyeong-gyu Chicken, launched a full-scale promotion in April this year by shooting the younger generation with an animated video that stimulates the emotions of the MZ generation. The advertising video is an animation-type advertisement that deviates from the standard advertisement, and is expected to reach consumers through more stimulating and humorous content.

Photo courtesy of: Don Chicken

The video consists of three different stories, and is divided into a parody of Snow White, a parody of Jack and the Beanstalk, and an alien invasion. Don Chicken has fun adapting the existing story of each video, and through the dubbing of a popular YouTuber, it has set out to target the 20s and 30s. It is an explanation that it will move toward a new trend in line with the movement of the MZ generation who is always wandering in search of new and stimulating things.

Don Chicken is holding a new menu’Gatseongbi Set’ cheeseball support event at the same time as the YouTube advertisement. Three cheese balls are presented to all customers who order’Gatseongbi Set’, and this part is an event that satisfies both the win-win relationship with customers and affiliates, all supported by the headquarters.

You can check the video and delivery app discount orders on YouTube’s Don Chicken Channel.


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