LEONINE Anime gets two more Shinkai movies

In about three months, LEONINE Anime will release two more films from director Makoto Shinkai on DVD and Blu-ray after “Your Name” and “Weathering With You”.

The films will be released in May 2021

The publisher has obtained the license of “5 Centimeters per Second” (Japanese: “Byousoku 5 Centimeter”) and “Die Reise nach Agartha” (Japanese: “Hoshi o Ou Kodomo”). May 2021 again on DVD and Blu-ray. When questioned, LEONINE Anime confirmed that the famous German dubbed version of KAZÉ Anime would be used for this purpose.

“5 Centimeters per Second” celebrated its premiere at Japanese cinema in March 2007, while “The Journey to Agartha” premiered in May 2011 in Japan. Makoto Shinkai directed both films in the CoMix Wave Films studio and also wrote the screenplay.

LEONINE Anime has already released Makoto Shinkai’s latest work on DVD and Blu-ray, “Your Name” and “Weathering With You”. According to an FSK entry, the publisher also got the OVA “Voices of a Distant Star” (Japanese: “Hoshi no Koe”), which like “5 Centimeters per Second” and “The Journey to Agartha” previously on KAZÉ Anime was available on disc.

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“5 centimeters per second”

The film “5 centimeters per second” was directed by Makoto Shinkai in the CoMix Wave Films studio. The Japanese premiere took place on March 3, 2007. In Germany, it was released in June 2010 by KAZÉ Anime on DVD and in March 2012 on Blu-ray.


One love – three short stories. Young Takaki and sweet Akari meet, fall in love and go their separate ways again. They seek and seek each other, words to express their feelings, touch each other, move away and grow. They glide sadly and beautifully through the years, falling back in love, finding new partners, new tasks and new goals, forgetting each other and still missing something.

“The journey to Agartha”

“The journey to Agartha” was also produced under the direction of Makoto Shinkai in the CoMix Wave Films studio. The approximately two-hour film premiered in Japanese theaters in May 2011 and was released in July 2012 by KAZÉ Anime on DVD and Blu-ray.


Young Asuna spends her little free time listening to the sound of a crystal radio her father gave her. One day, she receives a mysterious melody that is unlike anything she has ever heard.

Soon after, something strange happens: Asuna suddenly faces a huge beast, but a mysterious boy suddenly appears and is able to save her from the attack. Shun tells him that he comes from a strange land called Agartha, but the next day he is missing. In search of it, Asuna discovers not only an unknown and hidden world, but also the paths of life itself, which not only have bright sides in store …

“Voice of a Distant Star” (OVA)

The 25-minute OVA episode “Voice of a distant star” was created as the films under the direction of Makoto Shinkai in the CoMix Wave Films studio. In Germany, it was released on DVD by KAZÉ Anime in June 2010. The form in which LEONINE Anime will release the OVA is not yet known.


Even as children, Mikako and Noboru always had eyes for each other. But when Mikako is recruited to fight the Tarsians as part of the Space Fleet in the vastness of space, her friend Noboru is left alone on earth. They keep in touch on their cell phones, but it takes years to send a message.

The further Mikako moves through space, the more space and time change, and the bridge between the two threatens to collapse. But even light years away, they are very close in mind. Immortality nestles in their hearts and connects them with an invisible thread.



© Makoto Shinkai / CMMMY
© Makoto Shinkai / Films CoMix Wave

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