Leslie Grace als Batgirl in HBO Max

After a long development and casting phase, Warner Bros. and DC have finally found the actress who will play Barbara Gordon in Batgirl, a film that will be released exclusively for HBO Max. This is none other than Leslie Jess, who we recently made our big screen debut with the music track “In The Heights”.

“Batgirl” has been actively developing since 2017 and has seen some changes in its creative team in the past few months. The directors Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falah, known for their work on “Bad Boys for Life” and the upcoming Disney + film “Ms. Marvel, ”will direct the film based on a script by Christina Hudson (Birds of Prey). , Sparkle).

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Recent reports suggest that Grace is among the top contenders for the trial with actresses the same age as Zoe Deutch, Isabella Merced and Halle Lou Richardson, though the latter have retired from the race in recent weeks. Leslie Grace is the daughter of Dominican parents and was born in the Bronx, New York.

After a promising musical career collaborating with Latin American artists in the United States, Leslie Grace made her acting debut this year with In The Heights, an adaptation of the acclaimed musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Back with one of the leading roles.

Founded in 1967 by William Dozier, Julius Schwartz, Gardner Fox, and Carmine Infantino, Barbara Gordon first appeared in Detective Comics Issue 359 and is becoming an increasingly important figure in the DC Comics universe.

One of her stories that impressed readers the most is in The Killing Joke, a 1985 graphic novel written by Alan Moore in which the Joker shoots her and paralyzes her from the waist up. Due to her excellent skills as a hacker and communications expert, she takes on the identity of “Oracle” and supports Batman in real time in his most dangerous missions.

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As of 2011, thanks to DC Comics’ reboot of The New 52, ​​Batgirl is back in action after an operation that allows her to regain her mobility, although she may still assume the identity of the “Oracle” under certain circumstances. The character was played by Yvonne Craig in the 1960s Batman series.

Dina Mayer also played the role of Barbara Gordon in the short series “Birds of Prey”, Jete Laurence in “Gotham” and most recently Savannah Welch in “Titans”, which is entering its third season. On HBO Max in August. Alicia Silverstone also played an alternate version of Batgirl in the popular Batman & Robin movie.

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