Let’s make our own mollang… Pre-order the closet in Molangi’s dream

Shiftrick (CEO Choi Kyung-yeon) announced that it will start pre-ordering the popular character IP ‘Molang’, which is a mobile game of ‘Molang’s Dream Wardrobe’, through the Google Play Store on the 21st.

‘Molangi’s Dream Wardrobe’ is a simulation game in which you can decorate and collect your own cute Molangi with a total of 2000 items including Molangi’s skin, facial expressions, poses, hair, costumes, and various props.

In particular, you can directly select the movement of ‘Molangi’, so you can experience a more vibrant decoration game.

‘Molangi’s Dream Wardrobe’ is a game developed within the same worldview as ‘Molang World’, a fantasy healing game to be released in the future.

Shiftrick CEO Choi Kyung-yeon said, “‘Molangi’s Dream Wardrobe’ is a game that users can decorate and collect according to their taste by collecting all the appearances of the ‘Molangi’ character that they have met in various forms such as animations, emoticons, and goods.” “We want to provide fun that anyone of all ages can decorate and customize Molangi easily. We ask for a lot of feedback and opinions.”

On the other hand, Shiftrick invited writer Hye-ji Yoon of Molangi on July 19 and demonstrated the game ‘Molangi’s Closet in Dreams’ to fans for the first time through a live broadcast, raising expectations by providing a place to have feedback.

‘Molang’ IP is a domestic character celebrating the 11th anniversary of the creation of writer Hyeji Yoon, and was exported to 190 countries as animations and aired on Netflix and EBS. It is also being produced as a variety of goods, figurines, and toys, and has been steadily loved.

Baek Min-jae, reporter for Hankyung.com Game Talk

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