life resumes with the reopening of restaurants

In Rome (Italy), the streets came alive on Monday February 1st. There are a few tourists, museums are open, open-air concerts resume, and restaurants welcome their first customers of the year. It’s much more lively and pleasant than in France“, testifies a French couple on vacation. In the regions least affected by the coronavirus epidemic, all restaurants can reopen, and welcome indoors or on the terrace.

Laura Bassetti, a restorer, is relieved. Eshe did “Around thirty covers, which is already good. It’s a pleasure, we couldn’t take it anymore ”. Customers appreciate this little taste of freedom. In Rome, 22,000 restaurants employ more than 100,000 people. In Italy, the spread of the epidemic is slower than in most of its European neighbors, with only 7,000 newx case in 24 hours. But restaurants must close at 6 p.m. to avoid large evening tables.

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