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The 8th China International Animation and Derivatives Authorization Exhibition (CAWAE-“Kawaii” Exhibition) hosted by ChinaJoy organizer Hanwei Xinheng will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 30 to August 2, 2021 Grandly held.As a professional exhibition in the industry’s well-known animation and derivatives vertical field held at the same time and the same place as ChinaJoy, China International Animation and Derivatives Authorization Exhibition (CAWAE-“Kawaii” Exhibition) integrates animation brand display and authorization, derivative products peripherals The sales function, combined with ChinaJoy’s official large-scale events such as the “ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival” finals of China’s most influential professional cosplay competition, and the finals of “Superior Dance-ChinaJoy National Dance Company”, has become a paradise for animation game fans and Cosplay lovers .At present, Lingbang Group has confirmed that it will make a wonderful appearance at booth T208 in the eighth CAWAE exhibition area in 2021!

Fans who watch the new animation on the video website will certainly be familiar with the words “MediaLink Lingbang Copyright Agency”.Lingbang Group was established in 2000, with branches in many countries and regions in Asia, with business all over the world.As an important branch of the group in mainland China, Lingbang Beijing Branch’s main business covers animation and film content investment, domestic animation film and television program procurement, global aviation copyright procurement, Japanese animation and film distribution, commercialization/game/adaptation authorization, etc., The exclusive brand agency for more than 100 Japanese animation IP works in mainland China. It is one of the agents of Nippon Television Animation in China, with stable upstream content licensors and downstream customers.

Zheng Xiaoke, General Manager of Lingbang Group Beijing Branch, delivered a speech at ChinaJoy

Since its establishment, Lingbang Group has established a stable and successful distribution and brand authorization agency business in Hong Kong, China and Asia. On the one hand, it has been committed to introducing animations, TV series and cartoon films from different countries into Asia, including China, Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, etc., and has established a good long-term relationship with the media across Asia The cooperative relationship, especially in Southeast Asia, has its stable market. Overseas companies in Japan and Western countries have maintained close cooperation with Lingbang.

In addition, Lingbang is also committed to introducing and investing in high-quality animation programs, and owns the copyrights of many well-known Japanese animation IP works throughout Asia (except Japan). The IPs of the exclusive brand agents in mainland China include “Spell Return”, “Gintama”, “Reaper”, “Stone Age”, “My Youth Love Story Really Has a Problem”, and “Danwumei!” “Small Buried”, “Spirit of Eater Halberd”, “Volleyball Boy”, “Banana Cat”, “Overlord”, “Game of Life”, “How to Raise Passersby” and other well-known animation brands.

In 2020, Lingbang released two “Violet Evergarden” rumored and true film series produced by the well-known animation production company Kyoto Animation, and exclusively represented “Win the Championship” (formerly known as the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team), “Detective Chinatown 3″ and ” The global aviation copyright of many popular movies such as Fox Hunt. In this special year, while maintaining its original business steadily, Lingbang is also actively developing new business models to cope with the impact of the epidemic. The current trend culture is sweeping the world, and Lingbang follows the trend. It newly signed the brand “PETS ROCK” founded by the well-known British artists Mark Polyblank and Kate Polyblank in 2008. It also cooperated with Sony Pictures and acted as the agent of “Wish Dragon”. “And the movie version of “Bidder Rabbit 2”.

In addition, Lingbang is also involved in the field of domestically produced original animation operations. The first operational animation “Kiqi and Nuna” was successfully premiered on CCTV Children’s. In January, it was successfully broadcast on Guangdong Jiajia Cartoon Satellite Channel, and on Beijing Satellite TV Kaku Animation. The Spring Festival Gala debut. So far, Lingbang has successively distributed animations to 7 new media broadcast platforms, iQiyi, Bilibili, Tencent Video, Acfun, Watermelon Video,, and Youku Video, and fully covers 33 OTT/IPTV channels. The first season of “Kiqi and Nuna” was selected as an excellent film recommended by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. Won the 2020 Top Ten Emerging Animation IP Awards in the 5th Jade Monkey Awards. Recently, the production plan for the second season of “Kiki and Nuna” has been made public. The second season of animation will be based on the theme of behavior and habits. The end of the film will focus on adding interesting music elements, which will become a major part of the second season of animation. One of the highlights, let us stay tuned!

After achieving the milestone of listing on the Hong Kong Main Board in 2019, Lingbang has not stopped moving forward. What kind of IP surprises will be brought by participating in the 2021 CAWAE this year, let us look forward to it together!

China International Animation and Derivatives Exhibition (CAWAE), integrated animation brand display and authorization, derivative product peripheral sales functions, combined with China’s most influential Cosplay professional competition “ChinaJoy Cosplay Carnival” finals, “Dancing Art Supergroup-ChinaJoy Nationwide ChinaJoy’s official large-scale events such as the “Dance Company Ceremony” finals have become a paradise for fans of animation and games and Cosplay. With the vigorous development of China’s game and animation cultural and creative industries in recent years, more and more internationally renowned animation brands have begun to pay attention to the Chinese market. ChinaJoy attracts more than hundreds of thousands of live audiences every year, which are highly consistent with the target audiences of animation companies. The popularity of brand participation has increased year by year. Driven by the current good development opportunities and the high recognition of enterprises, ChinaJoy organizer Hanwei has held the China International Animation and Derivatives Exhibition at the same time and the same place at ChinaJoy in 2014, concentrating the industry’s superior resources to provide more for animation and derivative companies. Broad platform and superior publicity resources.

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