Lisa cosplay from anastasia.komori dominates us from above –

Genshin Impact continues to be one of the most popular games for gamers. The success is due to the regular introduction of new characters, although of course the historical ones are not forgotten by the fans. A favorite is Lisa. The warrior sage has now been recreated from anastasia.komori in a new cosplay that dominates us from above.

As you can see, this shot was made from the bottom up. The cosplay di Lisa made by anastasia.komori is also of high quality, extremely detailed. The setting also helps to make the shot very beautiful and harmonious. The character of Genshin Impact was rendered perfectly.

If you are a fan of Lisa, then you must see aoimomoko’s Lisa cosplay is identical in every detail. Lisa’s cosplay from mizuvzcos is also perfect. Here then the cosplay of Lisa from Himeahri is of high quality. How not to mention Lisa’s cosplay from Ladalyumos is of great impact.

Changing gender, here is shirogane_sama’s Tifa cosplay is shiny. We also suggest the alfakote Joel cosplay is also praised by Naughty Dog. Impossible to ignore missbricosplay’s Black Widow cosplay celebrates the film. We close with the cosplay of Zelda in Gerudo version of japp_leack is very summery.

Tell us, what do you think of the Lisa cosplay by anastasia.komori? Has he convinced you, or do you believe that the character of Genshin Impact has been recreated in a better way by other cosplayers?

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