Live Gamers Show teaches that video games are more than entertainment

The recent Live Gamers Show (LGS) that’s all a benchmark for the world of videogames and Education. Its first edition took place, live, between April 8 and 11. But the event is still very much alive on its official website, where the contents developed by almost a hundred speakers are available. Videogames, Education, technology, esports, health, cosplay, cinema, legality and many more topics are treated to an extraordinary level.

During the sessions there was a long list of companies involved together with professionals from different sectors. PlayStation Talents, a strategic partner of the Live Gamers Show, showed the developments of its creator program and how they come to life. The social responsability was approached in another session of PlayStation, also in the two tables of MAPFRE Foundation, where the Education and digital health.

For its part, Gaptain advised how to protect yourself against the theft of information, use of malicious software, parental control on devices and limit of hours of use of technology to avoid creating addiction. In similar tune, Schneider Electric promotion safer use of the PC and consoles, thanks to their uninterruptible power supply systems. Something teams can benefit from ConceptD and Predator, which demonstrate an innovation and flexibility at the level of the best video games and content creators.

The inclusion It has also been a recurring theme on the Live Gamers Show. With sessions that address, from the role of women in the sector to the physical and other difficulties faced by diversity in the video game sector.

In the face of the teachers, relevant issues were collected regarding the use of video games in the classroom and how it can be learn from the modes or history of the game. The Francisco de Vitoria University in his session he addressed the necessary elements in the development of a video game. Some teachers from this institution, as well as from other teaching centers such as U-tad, participated in lectures on various aspects of electronic entertainment, animation and VR. More focused on the field of electronic sports, he highlighted the presence of e-Squad Academy, a high-performance center that served as the stage to broadcast some sessions on site, including that of its CEO, José Ruiz, on prejudices about videogames and esports.

It was precisely with the collaboration of various sports clubs. Shone with its own light Movistar Riders, from the hand of some team members, resolved in their session both to play LOL and R6 video games, and to explain in detail the structure, needs, potential and day-to-day life in a professional esports organization.

Other areas of relief included cinema, comics and the universe cosplay, a trend in which fans imitate the look of their virtual heroes, with an increasingly creative level. Of course, the video game as a cultural asset was specifically treated in another of the sessions.

There was also room for the nostalgia, with the Museo Arcade Vintage. Also for fans of the strategy genre, with a unique session, starring the pioneers of video games and esports, Dinamic FX, with a new edition of its title Imperivm HD.

The solidarity organizations, in turn, play a fundamental role in our society and initiatives such as Videogames x Food they are a great example of it. With an experience of many events behind him, his formula is spreading more and more with great success.

It was special to bring together the main media in the video game sector. Meristation, LGS official press, 3DJuegos and Vandal revealed how journalism has influenced and also vice versa.

In line with the associations, with AEVI, DEV and FEJUVES we receive information on how the rights of users, professionals and companies are defended. The limits that the law puts in the sector gaming They were treated from the professional perspective of the firm Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo Abogados.

In general, it is difficult to find a topic from the world of video games without dealing with this first edition of Live Gamers Show, already with the mind set on the next one. But, while it arrives, it is convenient to be attentive to the available content and future additions in its official Web.

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