Looking forward to Bleach TYBW? Warm up with this good Ichigo cosplay

Bleach TYBW” It starts this coming October and… we still don’t have the slightest idea where it will be broadcast. Crunchyroll recently announced its fall anime And, although it is true that they lack some confirmation to communicate, it does not seem that the story of Ichigo and company will end up on the platform. This does not prevent the hype from continuing through the roof, as it well demonstrates. the cosplay of the protagonist of the franchise that I can bring you today.

Bleach cosplays keep coming as the anime’s return draws near

It has been in this case rosemagpie who has gotten into Ichigo’s skin, which leaves us with the following result as a “Bleach” cosplay:

Honestly, with all the Ichigo cosplays that one can find, I won’t say that this one is crazy, but I do think that it perfectly represents the character. In addition, I want to highlight a small anecdote of the cosplayer and that is that He comments that at the time he left the anime because of all the padding it had… although later he rejoined the canon. The truth, I understand, especially since the time of “Bleach” was that of ‘let’s make anime even if there is no manga, that we get rich‘. This is how things went on more than one occasion.

Ultimately, in case you have any doubts about how “Bleach TYBW” will be broadcast internationally, I remind you that first It does not seem that we are going to have many difficulties to be able to follow the resolution of the story of Ichigo and company. Having said that, here is an article that I am sure will be useful to more than one:

Bleach Synopsis

Bleach tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a fifteen-year-old who is not ordinary at all… because he can see spirits and has an innate contact with the afterlife, which he will take advantage of after meeting a shinigami (angel of death) who provides him with a sword to match his abilities.

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