Lorànt Deutsch “Alone, we do not exist”

Actor, TV host, author. At 47, how do you qualify?
Like a pilgrim! After becoming known as an actor, then as an author with MetronomeI now have the pleasure of walking to meet others. Pour To all Berzingue on YouTube, I’ve been traveling across France for five years, discovering cities that we don’t necessarily talk about…

What does this passion reveal about you?
My insatiable curiosity. It’s in my nature: I need to blow up ramparts, get out of my backyard, meet others… Alone, we don’t exist.

What drives you?
The desire to explore the destinies of characters who have gone down in history without really knowing the reason. Like Gilles de Rais, nicknamed Bluebeard. How come most of us remember him as a child-eating ogre and not as one of Joan of Arc’s companions.

A historical character that you dream of playing?
François Athanase Charette de La Contrie, a flamboyant and whimsical general who stood out in the 18th century, during the Vendée war. His courage pushed him to die for his ideas and his beliefs.

And if not, do you have a hidden talent?
I am a tartiflette expert.

We offer you an hour of silence. What do you do with it?
I take this opportunity to go and recharge my batteries in Sologne, in the heart of the forest.

A spiritual place where you like to take refuge?
The village churches, witnesses of baptisms, marriages, funerals… They are the epicenter of the hopes of all those who preceded us.

For you, Jesus is…
This man who agreed to die to share with us his message of absolute love and forgiveness.

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