“Lord of Darkness: Another History of the World

Takuma Sakamoto loves to play computer games. One of them “Crossroads” attracts him the most, he has been playing it for several years. The knowledge gained during the gameplay helped him reach the highest level, he received the title of the powerful lord of darkness Diablo. Other players are afraid to communicate with such a character, whose powers are so meager that he can destroy them with just one click. Not all gamers associate Diablo with the timid and humble boy that Takuma is. One day he wakes up in a strange place and does not understand how he got here.

Two girls are sitting next to him, whispering quietly among themselves. Later it becomes clear that the spells they uttered helped to summon Sakamoto from the familiar reality to the game, where he reincarnated into the hero he once created. The elf and the pantherian, possessing cunning, used the strongest spells, but were they able to turn the strongest demon into their obedient servant, as they wanted? They dreamed that Diablo would obey their will, but the beauties did not calculate their own strength. Now they themselves will serve the Demon, and also tell the reasons why they summoned Takuma from the real world to the virtual one.


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