Low Cost Cosplay crack creates the PERFECT poster (in his style) of Godzilla vs Kong

You will never look at your feet the same again after seeing what Low Cost Cosplay has done to turn their “paintbrushes” into the King of the Kaiju.

The launch of the first Godzilla vs Kong trailer a few days ago has made the epic confrontation between the two huge monsters on the big screen a trend. The king of the kaiju He will return in style for a confrontation with the lord of Skull Island. And is that if we have something certain of the movie of Warner is that the damage will be calculated in billions when these two begin to break buildings on top.

Naturally, the novelty and enthusiasm that the arrival of Godzilla vs Kong has reinvigorated debates about which monster is better (though they leave out big milestones like Gamera…Inconceivable!).

The genius of Low Cost Cosplay He is very clear that the King of the Kaiju is who is in his heart … or rather, in his feet. As is customary for this artist, he has taken some household items and turned his foot into the hulking bulk that is Godzilla.

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The creativity of Low Cost Cosplay does not cease to amaze us, whether to recreate Mecha Freezer or to become Conan Edogawa, this artist always manages to make us smile. On the other hand, remember that Godzilla vs Kong is not the only King of the Kaiju production that is on the way. Netflix is ​​producing the Godzilla: Singular Point series, an animated series that will arrive sometime in 2021 if it is not delayed.

What do you think of the recreation of Godzilla that Low Cost Cosplay has achieved?


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