Low Cost Cosplay dares with Eren in a hilarious tribute to Attack on Titan

The character changes in Shingeki No Kyojin season 4 have impressed fans, seeing a huge difference in years from season 3 of the anime. One of the most striking designs seen in the trailer was that of Eren Jaeger more adult.

Obviously, the fans of the franchise could not resist and have started to cosplays the change of look of the protagonist. However, there is one in particular that has won the hearts of fans for how fun it is, you can see it in the next picture.

The cosplayer is called Lonelyman and is known for being so original to the dress up as your favorite characters. If you liked this cosplay, you can find many more of this style in its Official Instagram. Don’t forget you can also catch a hilarious nod to Attack on Titan from Low-cost Cosplay.

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